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Dargah Sharif
Hotels near dargah sharif ajmer photo

Dargah Sharif Ajmer: At the foot of a barren hill, is situated India's most important pilgrimage center for people from all faiths. It is the splendid tomb of the Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti more popularly known as Khawaja Saheb or Khawaja Sharif. The shrine is next only to Mecca or Median for the Muslims of south Asia. Akbar used to make a pilgrimage to the Dargah from Agra once a year.

Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer, is situated only 1 minute walking distance away from Ajmer Dargah Sharif.

Taragarh Dargah
Hotels near Taragarh Fort photos

Taragarh Dargah, the dargah guarding Ajmer, was the seat of the Chauhan rulers. It is reputed to be one of the oldest hill Dargah in India and the world. It was built by King Ajaypal Chauhan on the summit of Taragarh Hill and overlooks Ajmer. The battlements run along the top of the hill. The walls are two miles (3 km) in circumference and the fort can only be approached by way of a very steep slope. When it fell to the British Raj, the fort was dismantled on the orders of Lord William Bentinck and was converted into a sanatorium for the British troops stationed at the garrison town of Nasirabad.

Taragarh Dargah is situated only 1 Km away from the Budget Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer.

Ana Sagar Lake & Daulat Bagh
Anasagar view from Hotels Ajmer

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer : Ana Sagar Lake is an artificial lake situated in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan state in India. It is was built by Anaji Chauhan, the grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, in 1135 -1150 AD and is named after him. The catchments were built with the help of local populace. The Baradari or pavilions were built by Shahjahan in 1637 and Daulat Bagh Gardens by Jehangir.

The lake is spread over 13 Kilometers. There is a Circuit house on a hill near the lake that used to be British Residency. There is an island in the center of the lake which is accessible by boat or water scooter. Boats and water scooters could be hired from the east side of the Dault Bagh.This is one of the beautiful lake in India.

The place is situated only 1.5Km away from the Affordable Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer.

Akber Fort & Museum
Akbar Fort

Akbar's Palace, Ajmer was built in 1570 A.D. by the great emperor named Akbar. Akbar's Palace in Ajmer in India was built to serve as a home to Akbar during his visits and pilgrimages to Ajmer. Akbar's Palace was made almost impregnable and unattackable by the two impressive stone walls that surrounded the palace.

A portion of Akbar's Palace was converted and changed into a museum in 1908. There is beautiful massive black marble idol of Goddess Kali in the palace. There are brilliant military armor and weapons on display at the palace turned museum

Akbar's Palace is situated only 2 Km away from the Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer.

Sai Baba Temple
Sai Baba Mandir

Mr. Suresh K. Lal who was a resident of this Garib Nawaz City constructs Sai Baba temple, but now he is settled in Koba, Japan. It was inaugurated on 2nd Jan 1999.This Beautiful temple is constructed in Ajay Nagar in a plot of 5 beeghas it is at a distance of 5km from railway station.

Sai Baba Mandir is situated only 3Km away from the Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer.

Jain Temple (Nasiyan Ji)
Nasiyan Jain Temple

Jain Temple (Nasiyan Ji) Ajmer: The renowned Jain Temple (Nasiyan Ji) is to be found at Prithviraj Marg in Ajmer, Rajasthan. After the temples of Ranakpur and Mount Abu, Nasiyan temple is regarded as one of the best Jain temples in Rajasthan. Built in 1865, Jain Temple (Nasiyan Ji) is also known as Lal Mandir (Red Temple). Centrally located in Ajmer, the temple can be reached easily from anywhere in Rajasthan. Nasiyan Digambar Jain Temple is dedicated to Lord Adinath, the first Jain 'tirthankara'.

The place is situated only 1Km away from the Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer.


Pushkar Fair (Ajmer): It is one of the most colorful fairs of India. Lakes of pilgrims throng the lake during the annual cattle fair. Besides trading of horses, camels, cows and bulls, there are exciting camel-cart races and cultural events. Cloths, household items and leather goods are for sale during the fair. On the full moon of Kartik(Nov.) pilgrims take a holy dip in the lake.

Pushkar Lake : The lake is situated on the edge of the desert and surrounded by hills on three sides, is separated from Ajmer by 'Nag Pahar'-the snake mountain. On this mountain the Panchkund and the cave of the saint Agastya are located.

Brahma Temple: This is the only temple dedicated to the Creator Brahma. The temple is built in typical Rajasthani style, and extensive use of marble is visible on the external complex. However, the older sanctum within is constructed in stone, though this is concealed within bright paints.

Pushkar is situated only 11Km away from the luxurious Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer.

Nareli Temple
Nareli Temple

Nareli Temple Ajmer: The most beautiful place located at country side of city and about 27 temples are situated on hill over there and biggest temple of ajmer made by rk marbles kishangarh is the heart of place.

Nareli is situated only 7 Km away from the Hotel Shahanshah Palace, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer.

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